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NEW REPORT: Insurance Industry Spending Over $17 Million to Influence Outcome of June 8th Election

June 2, 2010 - Insurers and the political action committees they fund have spent more than $17 million dollars on candidates and one ballot initiative to quietly influence the outcome of TuesdayÂ’s election, according to a new analysis by Campaign for Consumer Rights. The consumer group noted that voters are unlikely to know from the populist-sounding names of the insurance company-funded committees and front-groups that insurers are spending millions to win their agenda. Read the full report here or here.

Mercury Insurance is campaigning to allow insurers to hike auto insurance rates for Californians who have had a lapse in their auto insurance for any reason. The initiative is a repackaging of Mercury-sponsored legislation invalidated by a California Court of Appeal in 2005, after the court determined the legislation would necessarily and illegally surcharge drivers who had a coverage lapse. In its decision to overturn the law, the court explained that an alleged discount given to drivers who have had continuous insurance coverage must be offset by a surcharge on people with a lapse in their coverage, writing:

"The premiums for policyholders who, because of their characteristics, do not qualify for a particular discount must be surcharged in an amount equal to the total of the discounts given to the policyholders that qualified for the discount." [Emphasis in original] 132 Cal. App. 4th 1354, 1367-1369

BREAKING NEWS: Mercury Insurance Submits Initiative Signatures To Trick Voters Into Paying Higher Auto Insurance Premiums

The Mercury initiative would allow insurers to penalize people after missing one payment or decided not to drive for a time and let their insurance lapse.

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New Poll Shows Californians Are Strongly Opposed to Legislation That Mandates the Purchase of Health Insurance.

The Campaign for Consumer Rights has released data that indicate widespread opposition to the proposed California legislation and related ballot measure that would mandate consumers purchase health coverage from insurance companies.

A poll of 600 high propensity voters, conducted during the week of January 7th by Grove Insight, finds that 63% of Californians oppose the Governor and Speaker’s mandatory health insurance plan and only 16% favor it, with 21% undecided.  Even when asked if they would support the mandate if it regulated the insurance companies providing coverage, only a third of respondents showed any support for a law that forces people to buy private health insurance. By contrast voters surveyed overwhelming support measures that require greater accountability for health insurers.

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Download a PDF of the poll.

Download PDF graphing some of the poll's highlights.

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Establishing and Protecting Political Reforms
CCR and its campaign affiliate Election Watchdog repelled Santa Monica politicians’ 2006 attack on their city’s strong conflict of interest law.  The victory against Prop W preserved a volunteer-driven ballot measure that CCR worked to enact in 2000.  That law, along with similar initiatives passed in four other California cities, created the nation toughest conflict of interest laws.

Fighting Energy Deregulation
CCR was among the first organizations in the nation to challenge California’s energy deregulation plan that eventually led to the state’s devastating energy crisis and the Enron debacle.  CCR helped place on the ballot a 1998 initiative to reform the 1996 deregulation law.  Although it was defeated after energy companies spent tens of millions of dollars, the initiative and CCR’s critique of deregulation proved prescient and helped defend against the various energy company bailouts that lawmakers and the utilities proposed when the crisis hit.


The Campaign for Consumer Rights (CCR), a California-based nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization, is the advocacy and campaign affiliate of the Consumer Watchdog (Formerly the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights). CCR and its campaign committee, Election Watchdog, were organized to protect consumers' interests in the ballot initiative and legislative process. We do not take positions on candidate elections.

Over the years CCR has co-sponsored ballot propositions on energy deregulation and HMO reform. It has fought corporate efforts to weaken the legal rights of consumers and has successfully campaigned to preserve some of the nation’s toughest municipal conflict of interest laws. Donations to CCR are not tax deductible.


  CCR is chaired by nationally recognized consumer advocate ­and author of insurance reform Proposition 103, Harvey Rosenfield. Also on its board of directors is consumer activist Jamie Court, author of Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom And What You Can Do About It and co-author of Making A Killing: HMOs and The Threat To Your Health. Rosenfield founded CCR's affiliate Consumer Watchdog, and Court currently serves as Consumer Watchdog's president.  

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